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Acer laptop repair

If you are looking for Acer laptop repair service center then it will be a good idea to know that this company is one of the oldest in the field of laptop repair. It has also established its reputation as a leader in providing excellent services to its customers. Many people consider Acer laptop repair service center to be the best when it comes to the timely repairs and maintenance of their laptops. The repair services from Acer are also competitive and are able to provide quality services to their clients. This article will discuss some of the common laptop repair issues and display broken screen issues that can be repaired by Acer laptop repair service center.

Screen Broken - All laptop screens are prone to breaking due to daily exposure to the elements. It is important that you clean your laptop screen on a regular basis to keep dust and dirt from building up. Your screen might also get damaged due to constant exposure to bright sunlight as well as extreme temperatures. If you want to maintain your screen for a long time, it is important that you avoid all unnecessary stress and use your laptop only for work. If you do want to use your laptop in your personal capacity, it is suggested that you take it in for laptop battery replacement once in a while. It is important to maintain your laptop batteries to ensure that they produce maximum power for a longer period of time.

Battery Replacement - One of the most common problems that users face with their laptops is battery failure. There are many reasons for the battery failure including the over-use of the battery, long time with heavy applications, and various other reasons. Most of these issues can be resolved easily by Acer laptop repair. They have a number of laptop batteries that can be replaced by them at affordable prices. In case of screen replacement, it is important to ensure that you choose the right type of battery that fits the model of your Acer laptop. This will help you get the right results when undertaking laptop repair services at Acer.

Our Services

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Screen Replacement

Your laptop’s all the screen problems are repaired with utmost care here.

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Battery Replacement

Contact us for battery repair with door pickup.

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Motherboard Repair

Get the quality service that your device deserves at icare.

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Charger Repair

Working with a laptop has become difficult with poor charging? fix it.

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Water / Liquid Damage

Reach out to get your water damaged device repaired instantly.

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Not Turning On / Dead

Your laptop is dead? Get it fixed at icare by trained engineers in Bangalore.

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Speaker Replacement

With our genuine spare parts and highly qualified repair service we let you have quality time with your laptop.

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Keyboard Replacement

Few keys are not working? We fix it

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Touch pad Replacment

Your laptop’s Touch pad is neither responding or working properly?

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SSD Upgrade

Get your SSD problems fixed with us.

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RAM Upgrade

Upgrade your laptop’s RAM and increase the speed.

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Hard Drive Upgrade

Get your laptop more productive with its speed.

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Wifi Not Connecting

Get connected instantly.

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Port(s) Not Working

Not able to connect USB or charging cable?

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Fan Replacement

Fix your fan immediately to boost the overall performance of the laptop.

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Not Booting or Laptop OS issue

If the laptop is behaving oddly, we repair it.

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Data Recovery

Forgot to backup the important files? We help you to get it back.

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We help you to understand any of your laptop’s issues with our detailed analysis.