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iPhone 11 Pro repair

iPhone 11 Pro repair service center in Toronto is the right place to go for IOS issues. The team here is very experienced and dedicated to providing you with genuine IOS devices repaired at the best of their capabilities. Whether it is a hardware problem or a software issue, you will be given the best possible treatment by this centre that offers genuine IOS devices along with iPhone repairs. The main aim of HSR Layout is to provide quality services to all their customers by offering various iPhone repair options for various iPhone models.

The iPhone repair service center in Toronto offers various display solutions for iPhone devices with screen damage ranging from full replacement to iPhone case replacement depending on the extent of damage. Other than iPhone display problems, the centre is also known to repair other common hardware problems such as iPhone enclosure issues, camera issues, audio related issues, WiFi related problems and data recovery problems. All displays at the iPhone repair center are thoroughly checked and tested before they are offered to the customers. Only the highest quality screens are used to ensure smooth functioning of your iPhone and prevent the display from getting damaged at the most inopportune times. The centre provides free home delivery of iPhone too.

iPhone repairs from HSR Layout are not only limited to screen repairs but also include data recovery for iPhone. The facility at HSR Layout offers various options to the users including data recovery using the Secure Digital iPhone Recovery software. The software helps iPhone users recover most of the lost data including photos, contacts and messages. For secure digital iPhone recovery, the iPhone needs to be plugged into the computer using the USB cable for 5 minutes after the iPhone's back light goes off. After the completion of 5 minutes, the iPhone is considered to be completely restored to its original state.

Our Services

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Screen broken or touch issues

We take care of all the issues related to screen & touch.

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Back glass broken

We help you fix your broken back glass for various iphone models including 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max.

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Water or liquid damage

We repair your phone to give its quick functionality back

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For any kind of battery issues and replacement.

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Front or rear camera

We take care of any kind of your camera’s issues.

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Not charging

If your iphone is not getting charged, the issue may be with the charging cable or phone’s charging pin.

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Speaker or Microphone Replacement

You cant have quality music time? We help you out.

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Not Turning On

If your iPhone is dead, it needs a thorough analysis. The problem could be anything.

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Logic Board Repair

Get your core issues repaired with the most trusted professionals.

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Home Button or Touch ID

Home button is not responding? We solve it immediately.

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Bluetooth or Wifi not working

If there is a problem in connectivity.

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Power or Volume Button not working

Any problem with the power or volume button? Do not worry. We take care of it.

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Software / iOS issue

For any of your phone’s software related issues.

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Your iphone not working as it used to be?