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iMac repair

The iMac repair service center is your answer to all of your iMac problems. Whether it's screen freezing, keyboard issues or even a dead battery, iMac repair can take care of it before any harm can be done to your computer. iMac repair center is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly technicians who are more than happy to help you out when it comes to the problems you might be encountering with your iMac. They are also available round the clock to answer to your queries regarding your iMac. They offer a wide variety of services that will surely take your iMac back to normal in no time.

iMac repair service center offers various services, ranging from basic troubleshooting and setup to full-on replacements of parts or your entire iMac. Whatever the problem is, they have it! And, since iMacs are made of the latest technology, their parts and accessories are resistant to rusting and other damaging factors. You don't have to worry much when it comes to your iMac because their parts are water and shock resistant.

If you want to bring your iMac back to its normal condition, iMac repair service center can provide you with great deals that you can't find anywhere else. They will first diagnose the problem with your iMac and come up with an affordable solution for your iMac. So, don't waste another day waiting for your iMac to be repaired by people who don't know what they're doing - call iMac repair center now.

Our Services

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Screen Replacement

Our professional team gets your Macbook to gain its originality back regarding any display issues.

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Battery Replacement

We take care of battery issues and also do replacement.

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Logic Board / Motherboard Repair

With our highly skilled professional, we do L4-chip level repairs on the logic board

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Charger Repair

Planning to invest again on your magsafe adapter? We fix your problem without replacing it.

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Water / Liquid Damage

Water damages are repaired quickly at an affordable price at our repair centre.

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Not Turning On / Dead

Get your macbook’s charging issues fixed by our highly qualified engineers at icare, macbook service centre in Bangalore.

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Speaker Replacement

Speaker replacement has become simple at icare.

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Keyboard Replacement

Having trouble in working with your keyboard? Get it fixed immediately within your budget.

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Trackpad Replacement

Get your track pad’s all issues fixed at icare, Macbook repair centre in Bangalore.

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SSD Upgrade

Your SSD is crashed or need of more space? We fix it for you.

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RAM Upgrade

Your Macbook is working slowly? Upgrade the ram and increase the speed.

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Hard Drive Upgrade

Macbook is very slow? Upgrade its hard drive

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Wifi Not Connecting

Let your connection uninterrupted.

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Port(s) Not Working

Burnt charging port or headphone jack is not working?

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Fan Replacement

Fan stopped spinning or making noise?

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Not Booting or mac OS issue

Your device stops booting? Got stuck on the folder icon?

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Data Recovery

Lost your all the important files? We are here to help you to get it back.

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Is something strange with your Macbook? Let us find out the issue.