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Motorola(Moto) mobile repair

Motorola mobile repair service center is a perfect option for those who have to replace their damaged mobile phones. At the HSR Layout, one can find a number of skilled technicians who can fix your mobile phone or replace the screen with new Motorola screen. The repair centers at HSR Layout use the latest technology in repairing and replacing mobile phones and various other mobile accessories. Motorola mobile repair service center provides all kinds of mobile-related services from normal size to extra large sized mobile phones.

The Motorola mobile repair service center at HSR Layout offers various different types of Motorola screen replacement, battery repair, sim free and contract replacement services apart from that it also offers spare parts, accessories and even spare battery. You can get complete information about all the services offered by Motorola mobile repair service center at the HSR site. You can contact them online through their online application. The Motorola repair service center provides you with high quality services at affordable rates.

Motorola mobile repair service center at HSR Layout offers variety of Motorola mobile handsets replacement and screen replacement such as LCD screen, digitizer, digicam, s CMOS, memory card, battery, touch screen, camera, video recorder, modem, software and other mobile servicing. They offer the latest replacement and repairing techniques such as, sand blasting, laser cutting, electrical discharge cleaning, solder seam rubbing, and plastic injection to enhance the look and efficiency of your mobile phone or mobile accessories. The Motorola mobile repair service center at HSR Layout is provided with trained technicians who use the latest high tech tools and equipment for repairing your Motorola mobile phones. They even offer free consultation to understand your Motorola phone issues and give you proper Motorola phone repair services.

Our Services

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Screen broken or touch issues

Your phone’s screen is broken? Touch is not working? We are here to help.

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Back glass broken

Get your back panel fixed with us at your convenience.

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Water or liquid damage

we transform your device from dead to good functioning.

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We take care of battery issues and also do replacement.

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Front or rear camera

If your phone ends up with blurry, shaken pictures we repair it with the help of our team instantly.

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Not charging

Your smartphone’s charging issues fixed with the trained professional in Bangalore.

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Speaker or Microphone Replacement

Have a problem with your speaker or microphone. Reach us to get it repaired.

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Not Turning On

Your smartphone is refusing to turn on? We are here to help you with your reach at any time.

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Motherboard Repair

We understand the importance of logic boards. We handle it with extreme knowledge and professionalism.

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Home Button or Touch ID

Have trouble with the home button or fingerprint? We are here at your reach to help you.

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Bluetooth or Wifi not working

Let your connection uninterrupted.

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Power or Volume Button not working

Your power or volume button stopped responding? Let us check and fix it.

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Software & OS issue

Finding it difficult to work with the software? Call us instantly.

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Your smart phone is behaving weirdly? We help you to understand the problem with our complete diagnosis.